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Private lessons 

Tango is not a series of steps, but rather an expression of movement between each improvised steps. With a background in ballet, modern dance, music, and pedagogy, I will help connect your body to tango music so that you can find the confidence to improvise with your own body. While I no longer teach through Portland Adult Education, I am still available for private lessons. Whether you are a follower or a leader, my goal is to give you the necessary tools so that you can spend your time putting in dancing miles, not in a private or group lesson, but on the practica or milonga floor. 

Please send me an email below to inquire more or set up a private lesson in Portland, Maine. 

Las Hermanas

Emma and Laura discovered tango separately in 2001. Through this shared passion, the two quickly became BFFs, and for ten years taught a beginner course through Portland Adult Education. With combined backgrounds in fitness training, yoga, belly dancing, ballet, modern dance, music, and pedagogy, they brought extensive knowledge on body mechanics, dance, and musicality to their students. They are known in the tango community for their graceful and fluid dancing, their connectedness, strength, and musicality, and they focus on these elements in their class. While they are no longer teaching their regular series, they are still available for group or private classes. 

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