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I started dancing my first pliés and tendus at age 3. Then jazz and modern, and all that fun dancing girls do in their teens. In my twenties, I focused on ballet and trained with the Cecchetti method. In exchange for point classes, I was now teaching pliés and tendus to little girls in pink tutus and pigtails. But then life took over. It wasn't until a couple of months after 9/11 in 2000 that I discovered Argentine Tango. Fast forward well over a decade, and many classes, workshops, privates, practicas, milongas, trips to Buenos Aires, dreamy dances, and dance heartbreaks, I taught beginner Argentine Tango with my BFF in Portland, Maine. These days I'm exploring Flamenco, a dance form I've always loved, but I am still and always available for private tango lessons. I want to make you a confident dancer!

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